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Polish astronomer Jan Gadomiski has published a detailed description of his research in a book called ‘Manual Anesthetist Acosophiers’. While presenting several proofs, it has proved that there are at least three planets located at a distance of 10 or 11 light-years away, in which level of life in which developed level is present.According to study of a meteorite on Earth, microbiologist Dr. Sisler of American Geological Sciences By telling which it contains elements of substances such as amino, nitride, and hydrocarbons present in them. Dr. Kanbin of University of California on this meteorite section researched in a new way, he said in a more strongly word that planet from which this meteoroid segment has come, life must exist.

Now, the effort is being made to make a rocket that can fly fifty miles high, then catch flying meteors in space and bring it to living position on land so which is can be known by studying life elements associated with those meteors. Which level in this cosmos is possible, and where else? It is when a meteor enters Earth’s atmosphere, then intense friction burns in the fire. Even those who do not burn completely, the outer layer gets scorched and gets converted into an extraordinary form in middle part. In such a situation, this does not remain worthy to give proper information regarding its origins. The above mentioned meteorites have been mentioned above, though clauses are rarely found. To solve this problem, preparations are being made for making of a network of rockets and can be successful in bringing meteor floating in space and catching them alive on Earth.

Due dust of various chemicals in pole sky, not only abundant bacteria can fly. Some of them are blown up by air from ground and some of other planets continue to descend from constellations. Life cycle of these bacteria is bizarre. They keep invisible invisible substances present in space with purpose of providing their magnetic power with purpose of food, and increasing line from fast moving, fulfilling bird’s needs of the unmarried male and female of the united combination.

John University’s research professor of Enrico Institute of Nuclear Studies H. Warker has said in his conclusion that, by other planets constellations, about one ton of space dust is ravaged on our earth, in which there are precious minerals, not only chemicals, but also bacteria that cannot be said on earth. It is also statement of Varkar sir that in nature, his earth will also be dusting to other planets and he will not be left behind in the cross-hearted hubbub of this.

This dusty flame of the world of planetary bodies brings significant conclusions. First of all, the exchange of root and conscious level between the constellations of planet is continuing since time immemorial; thus they are following customary method of sharing each other’s bad achievements with each other. The second conclusion is that life is not the only gift of earth. Kind of creatures that live on land are not right, some kind of creatures reside in this vast universe. If this were not so, then where would existence of such bacterial plants with different types of dust be different from life of earth?

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