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Difficulties come in every human being, their coming is mandatory and necessary. It is not only for the burden of the indulging in the deeds of karmas but there is a great need of hardships and objections to eradicating the mindlessness and conscience of the man, to be strong, sharp, progressive, and developed. Just as God gives mercy to man, offering various kinds of gifts? In the same way, they organize sorrow and objections so that ignorance of man, ego laziness, profanity and paranoia will be destroyed.

When difficulties arise, being overwhelmed, uncomfortable or cowardly, and starting to cry out loud-crying, it is inappropriate to either themselves or others. This is what happened to Lord Krishna. In this way, then the difficulty cannot give some benefit. It will become a cause of disappointment, cowardice, depression and poverty. Seeing fear, leaving fear, worrying and grieving does not adorn any other person. Objection is a kind of challenge to our humanity. By accepting it, we can become the beloved of the lord. The master of the game teaches novice wrestlers to fight wrestling, then they are beaten and killed by teaching dava-screw. The novice people do not mourn their grief, but after understanding their mistakes they fight again and gradually become full and firmly wrestler. God is such a master who kills the objections and defeats many of us incompleteness to fulfillment.

There is nothing to fear or panic about the difficulties, it is a useful, necessary and universal legislation of this world. They need neither to be sad, nor to be afraid nor to blame anyone. Yes, after every objection, with the new courage and new zeal, there is a need to fight against the situation and to try to create compatibility by removing the adversity. This effort is a soul-god, leaving it to be meaningless. The glory of efforts is immense. The importance which is to be suffered by the objection of the objection, more important is the importance of attaining it in special time. Effortability is the prime means of self-control, which increases the objections at a fast pace.

Man’s spiritual development always happens with fighting with difficulties. The person who runs away from difficulties makes the same as worthless and whoever he invites, makes himself as worthwhile. The success of human life depends on the strength of his will. The person who has this force, is as successful in life. It is necessary to always fight with difficulties to increase the will power.

The person who has a practice of fighting with difficulties is not afraid to face the new difficulties, he faces them very quickly. The spirit of cowardice is the cause of more misery for humans. The courage of the warrior only ends the grief. A person of weak mind always brings innocent vicious imaginations to his mind. There are no good ideas in his mind. He finds himself surrounded by objections from around. Therefore, the best way to make your life happy is to always be ready to fight hardships.

With effort, diligence and duties, the glory and splendor of human beings develops. Those who want to enjoy a happy life, fearless of their difficulties should be firmly on their duty path and should face every situation while laughing.

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