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Era-men are born to annihilate distortions and bring storms with them. When promise of religion becomes unbearable and the salvation of the sage, without destroying the evils, and there is no other way left, then there are storms such as era-change.

When storms plus hurricanes come in, they make people’s life inconvenienced and keep on making huge losses of money. It does not stop anyone from interrupting. Cyclones, typhoons, worst-level storms are full of such paradoxes, which by seeing it appears as if they are worthy of counting among the fierce enemies of humans.

There is also a strong rain with cyclone squares. Its destructive power is very intense. When the speed of cyclone goes up to 75 miles per hour, then it is called a hurricane. Their average capacity is considered as ten thousand million horsepower. When the speed goes further 200 miles per hour, then it is called ‘tornado’. In this situation, the sea and the clouds appear to be interconnected. In the desert area, sandstone pillars are created on this basis.

Air-specialist Surfrasz Wolfert has divided it into 12 parts according to various forms and levels of air. According to them, the first air of the first class moves with one-mile move per hour. The speed of the second light air (light-air) moves at speeds of one to three miles. Light-bridge moves four to seven miles. It has touch on the skin and the leaves of trees move. The movement of the Gentle Bridge is thirteen to eighteen miles, it has the ability to dust. Fresh-bridges shake the small trees, the water fluctuates, the vortex rises. It runs from 19 to 24 miles. Whatever the hurricanes or hurricanes ahead of the 75-mile move, it is less.

Increases in heat and cold imbalance, the density of the air and decrease arc. Due to the lightening of the aqueous vapor-air, it creates disturbances in the balance of air. As a result, storms of various levels stand up.

There will be a storm in which the balance will get worse. Wherever the barrier will arise, the same proportion of the storm will rise. Normal improvement sequence when not effective Then the increasing fury of insolence and disorder is suppressed by the same level of revolution-campaigns, the fact that the storms tell us the day-to-day.

If nature is considered as living conscious, then it not only gives the inspiration direction of elevation in personal life but also suggests a way to solve human problems. The requirement is that these teachings of nature should be read and benefited from them.

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