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There is an idea of biologists that bacteria that are flying in space are traveled in a place which does not last anywhere. They do not care about staying on a planet. From here the non-tourism is continuing, and the attractions of planetary world, riding on waves of distraction, they make fast travel and travel thousands of miles free of charge.

It is also mentioned in this context that when earth was created 35 million years ago, it did not originate from life within itself, but in good ambience, astronomical bacteria came and settled plus their diverse descendants occupied all these people respectively took.

These bacteria grow rapidly with help of oxygen, nitrogen and protein-powered chemicals, and shapes according to conditions in body of nature, but it is not necessary that life is limited to chemicals and temperature conditions. It can remain stable and also evolve in different situations from earth. Temperature of zodiac, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune planets goes down from zero to 140 to 200 degrees centigrade. They contain methane and ammonia gas excess. Broadly, in these circumstances we cannot imagine presence of life, but scientists have come to conclusion that bacteria from other planets may also be used to survive in different kinds of situations. Why did methane and ammonia gases in such a large number of planets originate? Answering this, scientists say same thing that emergence of these gases cannot be without the movements of the creatures. Of course, if there is any level of life, of course, there will definitely be.

Platonic hydrogen, helium and neon gas are predominance of planet and temperature is below minus 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Venus is filled with surface carbon dioxide and temperature is above 100 degree centigrade. According to discovery of American astrophysicist Hawaii and Manzel, in this situation also there are signs of life present.

Moon passenger and person who came with information has come to know that temperature of day is 134 degree centimeter and 153 cm in night. Bacteria can survive at temperatures below 173 degrees centigrade on Earth, in such a state that there is no reason for existence of bacteria on moon or similar planets.

Life element can also exist in more cold or more heat. The life force is able to survive in any complex circumstance. This fact has now got a new basis for scientific research and it is understood that life is capable of tolerating every obstacle in nature, there is no reason why it is too much Planets that are considered to be cold and super-hot are not inhabited by the beggars.

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