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There have been many such incidents happening in the country and abroad since then – the secret has been deepening per se, but nothing is understood. On May 3, 1964, some people in the Australian capital Canberra reported such a mysterious thing. There were also 3 season specialists who were studying the weather on their radar instruments at that time. He said that it was very shiny and the texture of the saucer came out of the same shape as a child coming out of the stomach of Kangaroo. There was some difference in the color of the predecessor in its color. In a little while, the little big lane got both together and did not know where the space merged.

NASA officials were still in the investigation that on January 29, 1965, another such incident took place in America itself, while two operators of the Marland Sea Airport reported similarly. This object lasted 30 miles of the airport. The bells of danger were played but the first lesson was accompanied. Therefore, nobody has the courage to follow him this time.

On November 6, 1967 in German, ‘Television No. There was a trance mission on Sky War 2. Captain of Air Craft, a Captain of Air Craft told his four companions that on 15 February 1967 his ship was heading towards San Francisco Airport, at that time a bright shining machine followed us for 15 minutes. It was a matter of 33 ft diameter, this incident frightened one side, wondering what was it? After 15 minutes, he left the pursuit and turned away and turned away.

B.T.A. A news agency of the News Agency reported on 23 November 1967 that 3 days before that such a thing was seen in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, which has not yet been identified. (It has been given the name of the scientific name U.F.O. – An Identity Fide Object due to its own merit. General people are known as flying saucers), there was also information about the emergence of powerful rays, which is the hydroelectricity of it (hydroelectricity) and Officials of Metrology (Meteorology) also saw and told that the flying object was driven by its power and was flying 18 miles above the earth.

America, Philippine, Russia, p. This flying saucers have been observed in many countries such as Germany, Mexico; If it is assumed that 98 percent of the people have seen the illumination of balloons left by the lightning, meteorological department, seeing the clouds of light and the rays lying on them, seeing light or shadow in the twilight or seeing a new type of airplane. Even if 2 percent of the people are such that their statements cannot be called untrue, their information should be authentic. These people have air craft (airplanes) ) People Meteorological come. The second can make a mistake, but experienced pilots who do not drink alcohol during flight do not talk in vain. If they do this, then they will have to wash themselves with service – why lie? Then there can be a solution to these secrets? There is no other choice than waiting for it till the information and status of the entire universe is found.

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