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If any person wants to know the secret of grass, how small is it in the figure, no less than the power in the field, then the molecular analysis of any field of grass is to be done. The common grass that is growing in itself and drying in a few days -700 should be cut from the field and collect all its molecular energy. His power will be equal to 20 thousand tonnes of TNT which is equal to one whole hydrogen bomb. In the same way even in small people with small power, if the self-confidence like grass gets awakened, then they can turn away such works of the whole world like a hydrogen bomb.
A highly ancient tree in Florida America stands today with lively spirits too. Its tens of spans are spread over several hundred yards, yet they do not break from somewhere because they have turned out to be rooted in the earth like this, as if the pillars of the 84 pillars are decorated with the ceiling.
It is true that no tree can take education from trees or not-
The scientist was blessed with seeing the strange works of Divine-power that All-universe, his voice could say so much – ‘Elements Vande Tadjamam’ that wonderful principle is my recollection.
For example, Sumatra (Indonesia) can take the kiosks within which the image of peeping appears two images in place of one. There are such wonderful abilities in light rays that they can make the image of any object somewhere, even in the picture-bizarre but it is necessary for the use of different types of trimmings (prism) and lenses. There is no mirror in this well. Stirred The surprise is that one of the two reflections is seen by the viewer only, but the second, no stranger-the scientists of what unfamiliar does not have any answer for that.
In Olavistria (South Africa), the most bizarre plant of the world is found, its height is 1 foot, whereas the stem diameter is 15 feet. Shatayu Jeev is another big wonder of this plant – its three leaves that come with birth and go with death. Such a nature is not found anywhere in nature, so that the botanists can mix their association and give a unique principle in relation to this plant.

Earth is very small compared to the universe. The reader’s digest publication has published an atlas, a map of the universe also has been presented in that map, for all the solar system whose length width is also measured in light years, no space was given. An arrow is a sign and it is written that our solar system is somewhere (under solar system is nowhere). Then what is the meaning of the negligence of the existence of this earth? It is also worthless to count small countries such as Italy, but if you go to see a fort in the same place called Tilola in Italy, then the strangeity of the whole universe will be found in the same fort.

The scientists of this fort are searching for them in a nutshell, but they are not getting any information about his amazing secrets. If the sun rises to occur then this fort appears whole, so is the sunset, the fort appears to be visible even a while ago. The time remaining, the fort appears as a mere ruin, which is the game of rays, which is the fort Or in the form of a ruin, nothing can be ascertained, the scientists have said that the rays that rise or fall along the sun Sessions take into pre-wiring arriving on Earth 10 thousand years in the sky reaches the possible relationship of this event should Virat eyes person for him to be in this heat does not make leather.

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