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The circumstances come and go away. Exile shows trouble and threatens that they will turn upside down or crush. There is also life and so on. He has always been saying that death is not his nature while proving his dignity. Changing the cloth also makes the body even more. The abnormality of the circumstances can only be reversed in art. There is no indication of the basic power of life. The outcome of the war of death and life goes so far that death has taken away some of the clutches of clover, but the opportunity to get naked has not come. He snatched the old cover and took a new cover.

This idea is not right that subsistence occurs in convenient circumstances. Inconveniences and adversity Why not increase the trauma, but it can never be able to destroy it, death cannot beat life. After death, truth of birth is sure. It is necessary to die after birth, it is only rotation or turn of tansformation cycle.

Life is present not only in human form but also in the form of other small creatures and its power exists in those invisible microscopic creatures, which are not recognized by the eyes or other senses, yet strong in terms of strength and activism They cannot even compare lions and elephants in accordance with their creed. To counteract adversity, it has amazing power to keep its existence in every condition, whereas large-sized animals are spoken only after being trapped in tragedy of accidents.

Life is not only on its soil, but it exists by adopting different shapes and nature on innumerable planetary bodies of universe. In accordance with local circumstances, he has settled his subsistence.

According to Dr. George Wald, professor of biology at Harvard University, although Mars is first planet, where discoveries of life are scientists of Earth, there are such a billion planets, where there is a possibility of life.

Our sky is one billion planets in Ganges. Beyond this, there are a billion other galaxies, each of which has one billion planets. Current estimation of scientists is that life in planets is one of five to five percent of all these planets. Because planet is equal to our Earth.

Life is discovered by humans in separate planets from Earth. Dr. Cyril Ponnemepuruma, director of Institute of Chemical Development, Maryland University of America, told the Indian Science Congress in past that effort to get message from universe is continuing. Many scientists are of belief that only million lives exist in our own community. A large number of large telescopes have been installed to detect these advanced civilizations.

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