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Atoms are engaged in the work of nuclear creation. Atoms gets assembled, join together, keep together. Their organization and the spirit of creation create different substances. Like the foundations of the foundation, by being invisible and uninterrupted, they are relentlessly engaged in work of creation. Vastness which is seen in this beautiful world is result of transcendental activity of these small atoms. If they were to be called creator of this Earth, Nurturing and Transformational-Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, then there would be no exaggeration.

Small atoms are not lonely. There is even a small family within them. It contains both good and bad elements.Original particles of electron and proton cannot be divided. Result of their mutual bump or blending may be so full that they can be mutually interacted or converted into new particles or new nuclei through mixed action.

As per explorations of atomic science, so far original particle has been discovered in number of approximately 20 Photon, Electron, Protan, Neutron, Positron, Mutrino, Mason, Neur Mason, Pai Mason, K. This whole world has been manufactured by mites, hyperan, deutran, such as particles. They should say bricks of world body. There is also a resistant insect element in this divine molecule power. From time to time, this color changes, breaks and protests and creates conflicts. This is the victim of mischief and ultimately destruction is like this. There is no insecurity even in this world, it is possible to present this introduction to be present every moment.

There is also a ‘copy particle’ of opposite nature with each original particle of atom. Just like electron’s per-cup positron, proton’s antiproton, neutron’s anti-neutron, and neutrinos have anti-neutrinos. In the masons, these opponents remain antagonists.
All antibodies are short living When the antimatter hits you with same normal particle, then both confront each other and a fierce explosion arises. From that, distortion is generated, and terrible energy spreads.

Where does particle come from this anti-nature? Why do obstacles arise? I cannot understand a thing. Scientists estimate that there is probably no other world in this universe that can be called the opposite world. Its structure must have been from antipodes of opposite nature. Everything would have been reversed from here. All the stuff in this folk-Ante Mater will be. The nucleus of it – will be made of anti proton and anti neutron. Positron travels around the nuclei of electrons in place of electrons. From there, this particle flow of particles will come to Earth and that its combination with molecule composition will cause it to create conflicting conditions. It is not possible to find where this universe is, but its existence has been accepted in a way.

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